Dilapidation Surveys

A dilapidations survey is a list of any defects present during or at the end of a lease. They include any repairs required by the tenant to return the property to the agreed state of repair as detailed in the lease.

This is a detailed survey which records the condition of a tenant’s premises towards the end of a lease term, and records any apparent breaches of the lease terms, such as redecoration, repairs, removal of the tenant’s own items and installations and putting the property back to the agreed condition.

We can assist either a landlord or a tenant with advice on end of lease dilapidation and/or repairing liability.

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Why do you need a dilapidations survey?

Many landlords require a dilapidations survey when a commercial property lease is coming to its end in order to ascertain the extent of the vacating tenants repairing liability. This enables them to prepare and plan for a tenant’s satisfactory vacation of the property, returning it back to the landlord as required in the lease agreement or in some instances to negotiate a satisfactory settlement if the tenant is unable to meet their lease obligations.

Tenants also need to ensure that the proposed requirements within the landlord’s schedule of dilapidation report are in line with the lease terms.