If you are looking to buy, sell or rent a commercial property (including at rent review or lease renewal) ascertaining the open market value is paramount in order to make the right business decision. Whether the property is industrial, offices, retail, storage land or buildings we can help you with an independent valuation report.

Freehold Valuation for Sale or Purchase

If you own freehold property or land and maybe thinking of selling, we can help you to maximise the money you receive from the sale by assessing the current state of the building and its open market value.

For those interested in the purchase of commercial premises, we can help you to make the most effective property investment decision by assessing the local market and providing a detailed reflection of the open market value.

Leasehold Valuations

If you need to rent a commercial property for business occupation or you are a freehold owner of a property looking to rent it out by way of a tenancy or lease agreement, a leasehold valuation may be necessary to ascertain the open market rental value. It may be either a rent review or a lease renewal, both may require a leasehold valuation.

We can assist either the landlord or tenant if you require a leasehold valuation.

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